What collectively moves us? A temporary experience, a new avenue for connection, or maybe an illusion that inspires curiosity. We are complex beings in all our light and darkness, and the spectrums of color within. Design has the ability to influence how we can thrive together, and attempt to coexist with the natural environment. 
Mary Sand, artist from the Sacramento Delta and founder of Marry Contrary Design & Decor, works in many mediums, and most recently has found her passion working with botanicals and organic materials, designing custom events and experiences.
Marry Contrary provides sustainable art decor, locally sourced florals, whimsical sculptural centerpieces, and installations for imaginative events. We are passionate about stimulating the senses and creating a beautiful memory, custom to your vision. 
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We all have stories to share, so let's all learn from one another and open our eyes to the beauty all around, and within us!
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Mary has earned two Associates degrees from Sacramento City College, Studio Art, and Graphic Design. The design teams she has worked with are Flagship Design Studio, Express Newspaper, Upcycle Pop Art Lab, and Minted LLC. She also has experience as an audio engineer and open mic host at Old Ironsides, and has been a host of experimental gatherings.
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